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The film was made as a free self-expression through moving pictures which genuinely presenting / artist's identity / Pavel Brejcha through the process and also by the result of his work. " It is a certain contrast between the soft contours and hard edges. Their conflict has always fascinated me" the designer specifies his work.

In the beginning was the rise of a paper object, light blue gown of soft chiffon and occasional poems. Behind the production and materialisation of the spirit of Brejcha's creations is, among others, a talented student of the Faculty of Art and Design University of West Bohemia in Pilsen: Yevgeniy Rozhko. The sharp, seemingly harsh form of paper and Nordic beauty / features / versus the gentle caress of the clouds and the fragility of the human body. Pavel Brejcha created a video - poem, in which like Walt Whitman explores the world around you but also the world which lies within the creator. This creates a dialogue between the inner and outer side of artistic identity. At the same time creates a translation of his vision that opens gates of his work to the general public. text by: Jan BoublĂ­k